Guardia Vieja

Guardia Vieja

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What is Guardia Vieja?

Guardia Vieja is a polysemic term.  Literally, it translates to ‘Old Guard’.  Idiomatically, it translates to ‘Old School’.  

In terms of Argentine Tango, it refers to an older style of music that was peppier, faster, dirtier, less arranged, and often times, simply happier.  For different historians the lines are hard to draw in terms of exact orchestras, but it is considered the beginning of Argentine Tango.  It was a collaborative time when Argentine Tango was coming together as a recognized type of music.   

So, why Guardia Vieja?

At it’s heart, Guardia Vieja is ‘Old School’ and believes in many of the values that Argentine Tango was based on.  Similar to it’s beginning, this new Guardia Vieja aims to bring together people and create a space that allows each individual to express themselves in harmony with one another.  

While this company prides itself in integrity and high standards, it also believes in keeping things fun and lighthearted, like the music of the Guardia Vieja era.  

Old School Hospitality

Guardia Vieja brings people together with the ambition to inspire them to take out their ear buds, put away their phones, and hold the door for another. It is our dream to see people looking up and out, taking in and sharing the beautiful moments around them.

Our focus is “what do you need,” not “this is what we can offer.” To ensure a richer experience, we aim to anticipate needs before they arise. “Bare minimum” is not a part of Guardia Vieja’s vocabulary.  

We invite you with arms wide open (and wanting to know your favorite beverage. Yes, we care that much.).


Want to learn more about us? Check out our Board of Advisors or meet our Founder!