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Guardia Vieja strongly believes in the shared experience.  No one person or entity has all the skill sets to produce the memorable experiences that Guardia Vieja strives to create.  Partnerships are therefore a foundational element for Guardia Vieja's success.  As such, we believe in highlighting and showcasing the amazing partners we work with.  Come meet them! 

Jordan Wong

Jordan has partnered with Guardia Vieja by helping us establish our brand identity.  In no small part, this includes (but is not limited to) the creation of our logo and the graphic design elements around the El Cachivache - September 2018 event.  We look forward to continuing this partnership as Guardia Vieja continues to grow and harmonize the worlds of Tango and Art!   

Jordan's Pic.jpg

Jordan Wong (WONGFACE) is a graphic designer, illustrator, artist, and fellow tango dancer living in Cleveland, Ohio. He works closely with those who have needs in branding, print design, illustration, and social media. For client projects and his own personal art, Jordan specializes in illustrative work. He draws inspiration from his experiences as an Asian American, tongue-in-cheek humor, and imaginative quirkiness. To see more of work, please visit or find him on Instagram (@wongface).

Jessica Santiesteban

Jessica has partnered with Guardia Vieja on a number of different projects. After collaborating on a photoshoot and interview for her company Ideology Photography, we knew it was just the beginning. Wait and watch for all that we have to come!

Jessica photo-1.JPG

In her own words:

I’m Jessica Santiesteban I created Ideology Photography 8 years ago. I’m here to give you my perspective and feeling to what I have in front of my camera, usually loving, unique, creative couples. I’m a wife and mom based in Austin, Tx available to capture your story anywhere. I specialize in photographing love stories. I like people that forget their head and listen to their heart. I’m very passionate about traveling meeting new people and different cultures, and most of all, passionate for capturing weddings that challenge the rules and go far beyond of what is established. I truly believe that weddings should be the celebration of two people in love and nothing more. My goal is to compose images that will not only treasure your “big day” but the beginning of the greatest adventure of your life.

Micael Marie Monroe

Micael has partnered with Guardia Vieja to bring alive our website with her beautiful photography!  Before we had anything more than a concept and the idea of a logo, she came in with an open mind (and heart) to understand who we were and help us express exactly that to all of you.  We look forward with continuing to partner with her! 

Micael - Go West.jpg

In her own words, here is a little bit about Micael Marie Monroe, owner and photographic artist Go West Photography:

I'm a lifestyle and documentary style photographer based in Round Rock, Texas. I specialize in authentic portraits, lifestyle photography for families, businesses and brands. 

On a personal level, I'm a pretty chill person who doesn't always follow the rules. I love camping, music, nature, working with my hands, traveling, reading and learning new things.

Micaela Colleen Barrett

Micaela partnered with Guardia Vieja as our first out of town DJ at our first ever Pop Up Milonga!  Look out for future collaborations with this young lady - we are cooking up something exciting in 2019!!

Mica Color Original.jpg

Micaela, founder of The Cleveland Tango School, DJ's frequently from coast-to-coast, focusing largely on danceable tunes from tango's Golden Age. Over the course of an evening she works to create a warm energetic environment while keeping a constant finger on the pulse of the room.

Currently based in Cleveland, OH, Micaela is constantly teaching, performing, and working to foster tango communities in the Rust Belt and beyond. She has instructed and collaborated with the dancers of Oberlin University, The Movement Project; New York City's Hunter College Tango Club, You Should Be Dancing, and the Piel Canela Dance Company.

Ciko (Cigdem Tanik)

Ciko is partnering with Guardia Vieja to enhance the El Cachivache - September 2018 experience with a performance and workshops with Mauro Peralta.  We are so excited to be working with her and having her out in Austin! 

PC: Soobin Sunwoo

PC: Soobin Sunwoo

Ciko’s motivation to pursue tango has been the connection to another soul & body, as well as her own, through a music that inspires her.

During her visits to Buenos Aires she focused solely in the dance in its original grounds exploring and studying both traditional and nuevo tango roots which developed the Argentine quality in her dance. She embraced both open and close embrace which allowed the ability to move fluidly between the two and be more dynamic and versatile. Her technique gives her a non-restrictive connection with various dancers. Her dance is defined by its sensuality, creative playfulness, musicality and elasticity.

She has worked across US and Canada teaching workshops and at festivals. Has worked and performed with powerful leaders such as Adam Hoopengardner, Silvina Valz, Marcelo Gutierrez, Tomas Corbalan, Andres Amarilla, Evan Griffiths, Robin Thomas, Somer Surgit, Daniel Tuero, Guillermo Cerneaz and Felipe Martinez.

To learn more about what Ciko is up to, check out her website!