Guardia Vieja

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Guardia Vieja strongly believes in the shared experience.  No one person or entity has all the skill sets to produce the memorable experiences that Guardia Vieja strives to create.  An Advisory Board is therefore a foundational element for Guardia Vieja's success, in order to ensure a diverse perspective, as we make decisions in crafting our offerings.  As such, we believe in highlighting and showcasing the amazing advisors we work with.  Come meet them! 

Jordan Wong

Jordan has partnered with Guardia Vieja by helping us establish our brand identity.  In no small part, this includes (but is not limited to) the creation of our logo, the graphic design elements around the El Cachivache - September 2018 event and the Cruzadito I Tango x Art 2019 event.  We look forward to continuing this partnership as Guardia Vieja continues to grow and harmonize the worlds of Tango and Art!   

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Jordan Wong (WONGFACE) is a graphic designer, illustrator, artist, and fellow tango dancer living in Cleveland, Ohio. He works closely with those who have needs in branding, print design, illustration, and social media. For client projects and his own personal art, Jordan specializes in illustrative work. He draws inspiration from his experiences as an Asian American, tongue-in-cheek humor, and imaginative quirkiness. To see more of work, please visit or find him on Instagram (@wongface).

Ashland Viscosi

Ashland has been a driving force in helping Guardia Vieja navigate all that Austin has to offer. She has been a consistent source of knowledge around the existing networks and opportunities to help us connect to the resources outside of the traditional Tango business model. She has an answer (or at least a direction) whenever we have questions about things as important as taxes or business banking to the more fun aspects such as marketing and sponsorships. No matter what the topic, Ashland provides us a starting point for how things are done here in Austin and we value all of her insight, especially as a non-dancer and the voice of those who don’t dance Tango, (yet) but who we would love to bring into this community!


Ashland is the founder of Creatives Meet Business (CMB), an event and podcast series based in Austin, Texas for creatives of all disciplines to define themselves as artists and creatives AND small business owners. The event series helps creatives, and anyone wanting to make a living as a maker, learn how to become sustainable in their artistic craft. She also hosts, produces, and edits the Creatives Meet Business podcast, available anywhere (seriously, anywhere) you go to listen to podcasts.

Ashland values collaboration, connectivity, and accessibility of knowledge and information and wanted to create something unique for the community. The result was CMBXP, an annual three-day experience featuring over 50 hands-on workshops that helps artists and creatives in real-time with Business, Marketing, Skills Development, and Storytelling. Plus, there are nightly happy hours!

Before founding both CMB and CMBXP and dedicating her time to community building and transformative educational events, Ashland worked in film and production. She has produced several short films including the festival hit “Rat Pack Rat” (Sundance 2014 – Special Jury Prize for Unique Vision, SXSW 2014), and she was a Production Consultant for “TOWER” (SXSW 2016 – Documentary Grand Jury Winner & Documentary Feature Audience Award Winner). 

Concurrent with her work in film, Ashland honed her fundraising, marketing, and event production skills during her years at an arts-based non-profit. Ashland is also the Sponsor Relations Coordinator with the ATX Television Festival and moderates at the Austin Film Festival.

She LOVES connecting people (she actually teaches about it!), brunch, cheese plates, and conversations. Invite her to brunch or happy hour if you want to chat!